Software / Systems Integrators Solution

A great addition to your software portfolio to sell into your existing or new client base

With a diverse offering and client sector base, Brand iQ creates the perfect opportunity to leverage all aspects into a complete brand management solution for your clients. Manage the process from content creation through to the output process - whether that’s a digital file or printed production.

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We’ve worked alongside software and systems integrators to help sell, onboard and deploy Brand iQ globally.



Stay on track of the technology curve with an innovative and market leading offering giving you an edge over your competitors.


Complimentary product offering

Sits perfectly alongside other industry related solutions, allowing you to add to your software portfolio.


Increase customer retention

With a contractual SaaS based solution you will “lock” customers in typically for a minimum of 2 year


Create new revenue streams

Open up new revenue streams in the form of SaaS licensing, professional services.

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