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Brand iQ isn’t just about providing clients with an enterprise level brand management SaaS solution. The platform also provides you as the partner all the tools to deliver a full service brand management solution across every touch point.

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Each team has access to the components they need to create a streamlined workflow process which is split between a set of tools deployed across your business.

Brand-iQ console app


The master application to manage all aspects of platform deployment, order management and support.

  • Create and manage your deployments
  • Customise platform content such as banners, theme, translations and FAQs
  • Structure asset categories, filters and permission hierarchy
  • Assign organisations, teams or user approvals
  • Control your catalogue including assets, items, suppliers, deliveries and prices
  • Complete order visibility for processing and support
Brand-iQ print app


Have complete control of your print and production queues.

  • Run multiple queues based on your production setup
  • Filter by customer, job type, status or category
  • Automated file routing and workflow
  • Review production specifications
  • Generate production tickets/instruction
Brand-iQ fulfilment app


Oversee your pick and pack teams and order dispatches.

  • Generate pick lists and assign to an allocated picker
  • View completed picks and prepare dispatches
  • Courier automation for labelling and consignment creation
  • Group orders by recipient ready for dispatchs
  • Generated tracking numbers
Brand-iQ pick and pack app

Pick and Pack

For handling physical pick and pack orders.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Pickers manage their individual queues
  • Barcode scanning to minimise mispicks
  • Packing instructions to streamline process
  • Warehouse location information for efficient picking
  • Serial number scanning for increased tracking
Inventory app


Manage your physical stock and inventory.

  • Control and configure multiple warehouse locations
  • Create and handle stock audits
  • Manage the goods in process
  • Real-time stock visibility, movements and stock value
  • Automated low stock trigger levels
  • Administer manual stock adjustments
Brand-iQ accounts app


Complete visibility for financial reconciliation and deployment activity.

  • Budget and credit account management
  • Handle your nominal codes for organisational structure
  • Manage refunds and credit notes
  • Complete reporting for sales transactions, stock movement and valuations
  • Prepare reports for easy import into your finance systems such as Sage
  • 360° financial view of transactions

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