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KEP Print Group logo
KEP Print Group is a full-service commercial printer based in Tamworth, UK. They are family owned company with a devoted and well trained workforce with a loyal customer base.

We chose KEP as a Brand iQ partner and re-seller because they are one of the most well respected print groups within the UK.

The team at KEP specialise in a variety of different commercial print projects: point of sale, direct mail, traditional print, store fits and merchandise to name a few. 

Some of their most prestigious clients include Proactive Packaging, Lloyds Pharmacy and the UK’s well known bakery, Greggs. 

KEP are one of the few print companies who don’t ask how or what when a customer has a problem, they just get on and resolve it.  

We wanted to find a printer in the UK who was not down trodden or disheartened with how hard the UK market is. 

We wanted a company who would see what we have with Brand iQ as a large opportunity to build a new business and evolve into a media company, offering an end to end solution to its customers.

We believe most companies would be inspired by KEP and how Brand iQ has helped them and how the team there has started to build a software company to reduce that dependency on print and print management companies. 
Manroland Sheetfed logo
Manroland Sheetfed UK are a strategic partner of Brand iQ and joined the Partners Programme back in 2020.

Manroland are the only press manufacturer that we work with in the UK, US and Europe.

As a global leading producer of sheetfed offset printing presses, this is a unique partnership.

Brand iQ is a unique software solution that Manroland saw the advantage of recommending and implementing this software solution to their own audience of clients, including KEP Print Group. 

Manroland are one of the most well-known and well respected heavy engineering companies operating in this sector across the globe and we continue to work together to provide a complete software solution for print companies alike. 

It is a partnership that we are proud of and keen to maintain.
CJ Graphics logo
CJ Graphics Inc is one of the largest and most diverse print groups in North America.

The sheer scale and variety of the products and services they offer placed them as number one on the list of potential re-seller partners for Brand iQ.

After our initial meeting with Jay the CEO and the team, we could say they would take ours and their businesses to the next level. 

CJ already had a number of customers using a similar solution to Brand iQ that they had developed in house, giving us confidence that their IT Director, Lee and his team would be more than capable of dealing with Brand iQ and all that it brings in terms of technical understanding and implementation.

We have a close relationship with CJ, have introduced them to our global partners like Manroland Sheetfed.

With such a strong presence in North America, South America and Canada for Brand iQ, CJ Graphics is giving us the chance to further expand and develop our offering.

CJ Graphics are the Master re-seller they influence our development plans, help us market the products and find additional re-sellers and agents as well as end clients.

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