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Giving you the tools to remain in control after the rollout of a new brand

Working in conjunction with agencies and design studios, Brand iQ has been sculpted to provide a toolset to help you manage your clients’ brand and provide an industry leading proposition.

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Working as a Brand iQ Partner gives you access to an innovative and market leading offering over your competitors:


Remain in control after handover

There’s nothing more frustrating than your client diluting your design work after handover. So, provide them with the tools to manage and maintain the brand throughout all touch points.


Increase customer retention

With a contractual SaaS based solution you will “lock” customers in typically for a minimum of 2 year


Create new revenue streams

Open up new revenue streams in the form of SaaS licensing, professional services and even explore new markets such as merchandise or fulfilment operations.

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Drives cost efficiencies

Improve cost efficiencies and automation for your clients with their artwork creation, image sourcing and the overall creative workflow process.

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