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Time & cost efficiencies with your brand platform

Grace Thompson

We all know that being efficient in the workplace is crucial to get your services and products to your clients on time. 

Saving money on areas of your business without having to compromise on quality is also ideal.
So, how can brand technologies help with the cost and time efficiencies of your business?

The time challenges you may face
Your workload can get stacked up pretty quickly and before you know it, your work plate is filled.

This is a challenge within itself trying to navigate through your task list within your working day, but it can be even more challenging to get things finished in time. Especially if you don’t have your files and assets stored properly. 

File location
There could be a plethora of reasons why you can’t locate the files you need. 

For instance, file names could be wrong, folders aren’t located in the area you think it should be or quite simply, you didn’t get the file sent to you in the first place. 

These issues can be resolved with a quick fix however, if you have a multitude of files in the wrong place this task could take longer than expected.

Time management
By storing your assets correctly in one place allows you to do the following things:
But storing your assets in a digital space is just the start.

Centralise your option
Stock or fulfilment options within your business are another asset which can be time consuming for several areas of your business.

By centralising all things to do with your brand, stock and fulfilment options means you will be cutting down on that time spent tracking inventory or stock levels.

Once more, this can save your team members time on their accounting processes since your system will be keeping track of all of this automatically. 

Asset management
Facing redesigns, logo changes or new colour palettes to adapt to means that the list is ever growing when it comes to design.

Not only this, but these assets can get lost between users, images may be misplaced, or things simply may not match consistently across your business. 

Having your assets (new or old) available to your team can increase savings in time & money.
Save yourself time on creating brand new assets from scratch when focusing on a new project and save yourself money by avoiding extra costs to design agencies to do the job for you .

Let's talk money
As we briefly mentioned before, using a brand management tool can ultimately save your business money.

At the end of the day, we know that the financial side of your business plays a big part in the efficiency of the services that you offer to your clients.

But there are some costs that can be affecting you that you might not even be aware of. 

Employee workflow
Your team may have wasted time on tracking orders or checking orders which is time that could’ve been spent on high priority tasks that bring in those extra revenue streams.

By enabling your team members, the ability to automate these tasks in the background, it allows their focus to be shifted back to the projects that matter.

Brand consistency 
Your brand, sells! And it’s important to ensure your message is easily received no matter what platform or product you produce.

According to Lucidpress knowing your brand and sharing that consistently with your audience can increase your revenue to 33%.

All in one place
With the digital age being in full swing and work from home options available to your team, most of your workload has had to move onto cloud-based options. 

With plenty of pieces of online software out there, it can become a jungle of applications that you have to go through to get the documents you want.

Not only does this eat into your valuable time, but it also comes with a price tag. Many options allow free trials for a limited amount of time which then lead into monthly costs which can add up over time.
Keep your workload simple and cost effective by incorporating a brand management tool within your business. 

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